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  • We should be there in time for dinner Friday. Let me know where and when. Supa has my cell phone number and can text me. We will plan on 5 of us, but can't say for sure Chicago sis and hubby will make dinner. Thanks for making arrangements!
    Cubby, Here are the names I have so far...PM responses pending on some.

    Bruce & Kathy (Cadillac Tech / Photo Girl)
    Cubby & Supa (Cubby558 / Little Woman)
    Bob & Gayle (BobW)
    (?) (Tiffany's Dad)
    Steve (SSchooley)
    Ken & Alexis (Crimson Pearl)
    Dave & Devin (Chicago Dave)
    George (IndyXLRVGuy)
    Kathi (Batgirl)
    Sandy & Steve (Graytoad)
    Al & Judy (ALD42)
    Vince & Lorie (Vinman)
    Dan & Wendy (05GrandDaddyXLR Caddy)
    John & Merilee (JohnWB)
    Lynda & Jack (Jackparker06V)
    Rich (XLRATOR)
    Rich (Homegrown)
    Amy & Mike (XLRating)

    Thanks for all your help. I will be happy to pay for the card stock. Dave
    Bob Walker just told me that Kathy (Bruce & Kathy) was having surgery. Is this true? Is she ok? Hatty
    Hey, Cubby... I'd like to have one of the unsigned Team Cadillac hats remaining. Please advise details to finalize the purchase. Thanks!
    Cubby, I see on one of your posted photos that the hood insulator had a Cadillac emblem and XLR lettering painted on it.
    Is something you had done or was this the way the car came from GM
    Hey there! Great looking bunch of toys you have. Just learning how to post stuff here. I am going to get some pics up soon. Bill
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