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  • Sweet car!! I like the add-ons! Will do a few myself I'm sure sooner or later... For now I'm just enjoying the ride the way it sits!! Which is nice stock...
    My v emblem actually has two stubs on the back side, w/ part of the mesh cut out and it fits in snug. I can still use the acc, thats why I bought the grille with the emblem. I'd grab some pictures of it, but im in japan right now.
    hope this helps
    The previous owner did it. Car had accident damage to one fender, couldn't source 06 fenders so he bought a pair of 09 ones - whole fenders!
    Do you have any pictures of you new lighting? I am very interested to see it.
    Hay Jeff Not sure how to respond about Corsa Exhaust If you get this reach me at capttedd@cox.net
    When I read your message...I looked you up and saw "your baby". Very nice. I have never driven Jr's, as a matter of fact there a couple of mechanical issues that need addressing, nothing major, just things not "gotten around to". But I am hopeful that this summer I will take her to a local show. I haven't drive a stick shift in decades, but I learned on them, not worried. Linda
    Was hoping you could it is only a weekend. Someone will post some pics for everyone to see! I hope you change your mind.
    Instead of more pictures of my car you can just look at yours lol, they are twins! I actually intended to take a few today of my cars, but got distracted. Your user name a dolphin thing? Out of curiosity did your car come from Pensacola? Pete Moore? I was considering the exhaust controller because I don't want it full time loud.
    My daughter is in Miami, if you are near maybe we could get together one day when I visit.
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