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    Yellow XLR

    He sold the medallion and pocketed the $150,000...:willy_nilly: Then took his XLR to Earl Schieb and dropped $200.
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    NCM Cancellation

    What is a BobFest???
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    How well does the wind restrictor work?

    Not to offend......I like the factory mesh windscreen. We leave ours on all the time. Gives more privacy with the top up. Just a little visual obstruction but not a problem. Just my.02.:)
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    Paul, How is the old Elephant Hotel doing? Haven't been in your neighborhood in years. I too have had NO problems with my XLR. Just runs fine and is a joy to drive with the top down.:wave:
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    Show Us Your XLR

    The X is a 2005. The accident happened in Morrisville, NC. The integrity of the car held up very well but designed to crush (absorb impact) and protect the occupant. The car was totaled. Trunk lid askew, top intact, console broken, seat integrity intact. When the car hit the window shattered ...
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    Royal Purple Oil Found Guilty of False Advertising

    Advertising aside...I have used Royal Purple exclusively in my Escalade tow vehicle, my race car, and my 58 Corvette with extremely good results. CO
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    Show Us Your XLR

    RIP for ours. Here is ours.....T-Boned by a Honda at 48mph. Kid text messaging missed the red light. Wife was A-OK Onstar called and medics police and fire dept there in about 3min. Car totalled. http://i143.photobucket.com/albums/r127/vettefred/05CADI-XLRRICES-F001.jpg...
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    In the event of GM's bankruptcy, which group would be the biggest loser?

    The government threw the lifeline in order to keep things going and keep the union alive. If GM had BK'd without taking the bailout $$ then they could have dumped the unions and started fresh. Union wages are still a problem. The feds have their tentacles in the business and will keep the...
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    tail pipes

    Well.....we're waiting....:banghead:
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    Doesn't do a thing for me....but to each his own. Nice install. CO
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    XLR Successor??

    And the point of all this??? Solstice is NO replacement for a Cadillac XLR or Corvette. Way too uncomfortable and small, no amenities. CO
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    Wagoner will arrive for hearings in a Volt

    The Chevy Volt is NOT an electric/hybrid vehicle.....it is powered by electricity only. It does have a small gas engine designed to CHARGE the batteries when the electric range limitations have been exceeded. The Volt never RUNS on gasoline. C.O.
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    What more is there!!!! Warrenty and car problems

    I agree...well stated. :patriot: C.O.
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    Ducks on Crest

    Avatar is 1939 Cadillac emblem....see the first "duck" on the left...that is me. My brother next to me is Cunard Two and so on and so forth. I come from a big family. :D Being from NYC I have a Brooklyn cousin (Italian) and his name is Cunardo....you asked... CO
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