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    Used/Non-Functional Ride Control Module - Shipping Only

    I have a used, non-functional ride control module that I will part with for actual shipping cost. Water damage (go figure), but someone out there may be interested in tinkering with it, or have some electrical expertise?
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    BlendMount Radar Detector Mount - Escort

    I have a brand new BlendMount Radar Detector Mount that I am wanting to sell for $75 + exact shipping. This model is for the XLR (obviously) and specifically designed for an Escort brand radar detector. These retail for $130 at the retailer. First come, first served. Post a reply or send me a...
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    Left and Right Headlight For Sale

    Before I post them on eBay... I have brand new left and right headlights that I am selling, as I recently traded my XLR in. They've never been used, and have been sitting inside my house as backups in the event that I ever needed them. They are European spec, and can be tuned via the dials on...
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    Solution for Suspension Control?

    Evening all, Recently fell victim to the dreaded water in trunk, frying many of the components in that compartment. Most were able to be replaced, but alas I'll likely never find a replacement for the suspension control module. Now relegated to driving under 80 mph. Is there a solution for...
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    Reconditioning/Remanufacturing Hard-Sourced Parts

    Hello everyone. Recently had a battery issue, that turned in to being a bigger nightmare for me... The dreaded rain/water in the LH trunk compartment. Currently down a roof control module, suspension control module, and hydraulic control module. Roof control module was easy to source, and...
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    04 XLR to be PARTED OUT.. Send me your request

    Suspension control module? roof control module?
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    Instrument Cluster Lit Up! Any Ideas?

    Tried reindexing - windows down and hold, windows up and hold - and still a no go. Not a fuse issue, either... When I hit the trunk button I'm hearing the electronic noise in the vehicle. I'll try the long ride :) Fun but not quite as fun without the top down!
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    Instrument Cluster Lit Up! Any Ideas?

    Thanks for the comments everyone. It seems it was indeed the battery... Honestly shocked this hadn't happened sooner! The battery that was in there was dated 2012! Anyways, purchased a new battery (Optima red top), and most of the issues are gone. Aside from of course, top and trunk not working...
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    Instrument Cluster Lit Up! Any Ideas?

    Hello everyone. Canvased the forum for this issue, but was only able to find individual instrument cluster issues people have encountered... I have an 05. Experienced my first battery drain about a week ago. Jumped the car, everything was running great for a week. I did not have to reprogram...
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    How GM Responds to Their Drivers

    Hello, everyone. I am a fairly new owner of an XLR. Purchased the car with the understanding that I would run into a few hiccups locating parts for a vehicle that was discontinued, but never realized it would be this difficult! Most people don't go into a dealership realizing that parts such as...
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