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Any XLR owners in the Atlanta Area?

Army Al

Seasoned Member
Nov 29, 2014
Powder Springs Ga
My XLR/V(s)
2006 XLR V InfraRed/Shale 18.5K mi 11/28/14
There are a few car shows in the Atlanta area in which we have a responsibility in SHOWING OFF our classic rides. Let's do our part before there is absolutely NO spare parts at ALL for the XLRs.


Seasoned Member
Dec 31, 2020
Atlanta, GA
My XLR/V(s)
2005 XLR Xenon Blue, I call "Baby Blue."
Hello Army Al. I just purchased a 2005 Xenon Blue XLR Dec 31. We may be 2 of 3. I Just saw another one on the road last week, Jan 4 bout 10.00 am. Merging from 75/85 south bound to 20. I've been driving that stretch for the past 10 yrs. As soon as I buy an XLR, low and behold. I live on Akers Mill Rd, so we're close. Car's in the shop for the moment for anticipated repairs... By the way. I served as well, Army.. Thank you for serving brother.

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