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Help! Bulgari odometer


Jul 11, 2016
My XLR/V(s)
2006 Silver
Have a 2006 XLR-V purchased last year with 19345 miles. Has anyone seen an XLR-V with a Bulgari odometer.
I purchased vehicle at Cadillac dealer in Maryland and have seen Carfax and paid for another VIN check and both
came back with no Title issues and odometer is right. My only issue is that the console cup lid won't stay closed it will
not lock in place. Purchased car through CarGurus when dealership put it on website "coming soon" with no pics. Called
and drove down next day and purchased vehicle. Have been looking at BAT auctions and have yet to see a XLR-V with this
type of odometer. Owned a 2006 XLR before and wanted a V more than anything so took the plunge. When I was putting it on
trailer to come home 2 people stopped and said they were driving down to buy it. I will say it is a nice car just a little concerned about
this odometer. If anyone can help that would be great. Thanks
I have a 2007 V; my tach has the V emblem, and the speedometer has Bulgari spelled around the perimeter. I'm not sure what you mean about the odometer.
Dennis thanks for getting back to me I meant speedometer sorry about that
What is your top number on your speedometer mine is 220
It is 160 and there is a "MPH" light in the upper center of the speedometer. Your car may have been built for export and could be in kilometers, just a guess. If that's the case it has very low miles, either way it sounds like a very nice car.
Dennis thanks again I do have to change it to miles on the odometer led readout everytime I start the car
The center console cover problem is common on all XLRs. I have a standard 08 with the same problem. I just don't think it's worth the repair.

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