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Mag Struts


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May 15, 2023
Philadelphia, PA
My XLR/V(s)
2006 Red XLR-V
I think I know the answer to this after a lot of searching around... but here it goes.

2006 XLR-V and I need to replace the rear struts. Anyone know where these can be located and purchased from?

Thank you!
I think those are non v numbers. If still available you can look for the 09 shocks. V and base are the same . but they aso may be discontinued. The 06 v rear shocks are all gone ido believe.
Ah yes, sorry, I didn't remark the V.
I'd say though, if the rear shocks are blown-out, one might consider just about any version (Mickey's suggestion at the top of the list), as at least then you have working shocks be they a little soft or hard. I wonder if anyone just driving normally could really notice one from another.

I agree. If you are replaceing bad with new you are going to see improvement and i doubt if they are 5-10'% softer or firmer that anyone would be able to tell. Having worked on trsck cars little changes many times are not felt but only confirmed by clock times.

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