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This will be a wake up call to the American people that GM has a lot to offer and is regaining there reputation. Americans need to stop buying cars and everything else thats built outside this country and re-invest in America. While it may seem like your getting a good deal, your only cutting your own throat in the end. Putting America's business build here out of business leaving jobless americans (you never know if your job will be next). Most of these outside countries companies our supported by there government for there products so they can run our companies into the ground. Wake up America. If its not built here you dont need it!!!:bash:

"get err done GM"



I guess it took bankruptcy, government takeover, severe cuts in dealerships (with resulting losses of jobs), selling off of several brands (to foreign buyers) public ridicule for their spending habits and their idiotic philosophy of "if we build it they will come, no matter how badly we build it" to bring them to a point where they will stack their product up and actually believe its that good. :dunno:

Welcome to the real world GM - now it's time to sink or swim; of course if they sink we ALL lose - well, at least those of us who actually pay taxes (I think our numbers are dwindling) and now own a large piece of GM; like it or not. Thank you Mr. Obama for making that investment in our name.

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