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Help! Fuel tank smell.


Oct 15, 2019
Las Vegas
I've searched here and not 100% sure what my problem is, but there is a fuel smell when tanks are full. I've tried to find and investigate a new fuel tank and they don't seem to be available. Did they get better as the year models got newer? Like is a used 2009 fuel tank better than a 2006, or was this problem diagnosed after 2009?
I'm sure the extended warranty by GM is well over with now and that's not an option.

Thanks for any responses.
Usually a crack in either the top of the tank if you dont see a leak or if you see a small keak after you stop the top of the fuel pump gets a crack in them. Ive heard of tank cracks on all years even thought they have changed them a couple of times.
I had the same problem with my 2008. Bought it used. After filling the tanks and parked overnight in the garage, strong odor of gas. Took it to a Cadillac dealer. Bad gasket on the top of one tank where the fuel pump enters. Had to replace the pump. Not cheap. Have to drop the rear differential to drop the saddle tanks. 2200.00 total.
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Anyone have any idea where to get a new LH, driver side tank. Plenty of used one's on Ebay but I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have an idea of what you're buying.

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