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Turn signal led conversions


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Oct 16, 2022
Laveen AZ
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2005 base
Well awhile back changed out all the front to leds, I made some heat sheilds from brass plate and mouted the resisters for the turn signals. (first picture) then since I have so much time was surfing the net and stumbled up a better resister sistem :4 LED TURN SIGNAL HYPERFLASH FIX. why was I looking to change the work I had already completed (you ask)? While testing the heat comming off the heat sink became a concern as the sink was mouted on the inside plastic well and a possible melt problem if it were allowd to be on for any extended period. (hazard flashers)..... Okay picture #2 is the new location of the VLEDS sink. to help in where that location is just under the radiator fill tank. I shot the frame with some heat proof paint and had a tube of Perematex black rubber sealant glued it to the hight temp mouting tape that was supplied looks as if I going have to come back clean the frame and paint gloss black The freshen up that area. Probably you have already have a differnt system but I wanted to share this one if you are interested. The job look almost as a factory install. Well for me it does, I suggest you get the extensions so that you will have ample leads to get to some steel. "Here's some shots of the connectors one wire water tight cannot get in much cleaner (the wiring that is!)


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