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Future of the XLR and XLR-V?


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From the February 10, 2008 edition of the Chicago Tribune:


It's that time when auto manufacturers don't seem to know whether it is the end of an old model year or the start of a new one.

So they roll out early 2009 models along with late '08s, a situation made possible by federal regulations that allow a 2009 to go on sale Jan. 1, 2008 -- provided the cars meet 2009 safety and emissions standards.

Model years aside, a significant number of new vehicles are on the docket from Jan. 1 to Oct. 1, the traditional start of the model year. Vehicles arrive when they're ready.

Here's what to expect:

. . .

and Cadillac will roll out the 2009 XLR roadster in July with fresh styling in and out.

. . .


What do you think the future holds for the XLR?

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