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headlights on ebay for sale


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Apr 5, 2017
North Atlanta
if you are looking to buy a headlight from ebay there a dozen or more for sale. Still top dollar as no one has come down but maybe 100$ but that will soon change as none of them sell and salvage yards lower the price to get their money back. However, please understand what you are getting. Almost all the listings say 2004-2009. That is incorrect on 75% of the ones I looked at. From the best I can tell and jump in here if you know something different, the 04 and 05 headlights are 5 pin. Some early 06 area also 5 pin. When Gm tried to make a update they where already making the 06 lights with the adaptive ( articulating) feature so that the lower lens moves with the car this required a 10 pin light. When they warrantied the 04 ,05 cars they installed the 10 pin light with a 5pin adaptor. The motor In the light is disabled. All 06-09 lights will work in 04 and 05 cars if you buy the 80$ adapter for each light.
However and this is where sellers are misleading. The 04 and 05 lights with 5 pins cannot be adapted to the later cars. I have done it but with some time involved and you must do both or you will wind up with a car that winks at oncoming traffic. Some sellers say just transfer you ballast . That will not work. You must remove the headlight outer lens and install the complete motor and lower lens as an assembly. A lot of fabricating still has to be done. Not recommended.
So if you have an 06 or newer make sure the light you are buying is a 10 pin and you will be ok.

Most of the lights I see on ebay at present are from flood cars. They have had water in them. Salt and ,brackish water will ruin the chrome coating on the inside of the housing. It may look good today but make sure you get a warranty for at least 6 months as they will pit and look worse than the upper burnt lens. If you see a photo of a light in a car that shows no damage , its a flood car and just beware.

Also a couple of the flood cars have already been sold on ebay and at least one is already in the shop with major electrical issues new to the standard problems the cars have.
DONT BUY A FLOOD CAR. Unless you buy it and do the work yourself.


Feb 5, 2017
My XLR/V(s)
I have a 2004, and had to replace left headlight due to a disappeared hibeam. I understand that this might be caused by a solenoid inside lamp. So I found a replacement lamp only to learn that in order to replace the lamp I would have to open the sealed housing. Way too complicated for me, so finally I found a complete housing in 100% working order. From GM I got zero assistance. Anyway, my "old" housing with the lamp that does not have hibeam is in perfect shape, my car only had 40K miles, never driven in winter. So anybody who need the left housing on a 2004 including a spare lamp for the same, can contact me. Obviously buyer need to figure out how to replace the lamp, which means opening the housing- - - I guess, can contact me.

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