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Jun 8, 2013
san antonio texas
A few years back I purchased my 2006 XLR V as a salvage. Back then most parts were available for the reconstruction....except the headlights. I ended up with a pair of working early headlights(04-05) with the 5 pin pigtails and 1 passenger(L) 10 pin. I am currently in need of a drivers 10 pi and would trade the pair of 1st gen for a working 2nd gen headlights. Any intrest?
So the headlight drama continues. With little intrest in the gen 1 pair of headlights in trade for 1 drivers side gen 2 headlight I move on. Isthere anyone outthere that can convert a gen 1to a gen 2? Let that percolate for a bit. My other lighting problem is with a RRtailight. The unitquit working except for a little flash in the center. I believe it to be the board not the led's. Have heard rumblings that the 06 DTS and STS uses the same board. Any comments? Since I can't boil waterwithout burning is there any pop up repair service for rebuilding taillights? Final fail is the pump for the top and other functions. Removi g it from the bathtub RR fenderwell and sending off to be repaire $1100 seams reasonable.

There is a saying I have come to respect and live by in life for all matters material. Dice it, change it, protest to it, but "the cheap,...... it comes out expensive". There are services out there that fix the taillight and one in particular I have used Travis Wolfe.....he also lists at E-bay.

IF ........you can get the unit apart and you do not crack or splinter or warp the lens, then what ? So you replace the Power board with used ... You could get lucky, but who is to say you don't get one that is at near end of life? And what about the LED's ? When they start to go, it is like a cascade,....... first one, then the next and so on . ....and as each one goes out, it puts stress on the remaining functioning lights and also on the P/S as the current draw changes. You are really making a foolish choice if you attempt it. The repair service is I think 600 dollars. That is cheap, and you do not wreck a 2 to 3 thousand dollar light assembly.

Had to laugh. Thanks. As I said I can't boil water and at 72 I would never try to repair the tailight myself. I will stick to the restoration and maintence end. Will get in touch with Travis. My XLR-V is my baby and has been brought to life from a salvage. No rear damage or bags blown not even chassi damage but a replacement of all front end besides that. Other project is a 54 caddy coupe. Now if I can sort out a Left headlight the package will be complete

Thanks again Bill

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