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Key fob question


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Dec 8, 2008
Evansville Indiana
My XLR/V(s)
2004 black raven
I bought another key fob on ebay. I did the programing procedure last night. It recognized the fob. If it it in the little pocket in the glove box the car will start. If I remove it it will not do anything. I bought a new battery and that did nothimg. Any idea what might be the problem? Is the key fob bad. I took it to Autozone and tested it and it is transmitting.
How do you know it recognized the fob? Did you program it as fob 3? Will doors unlock or trunk open? I programmed an extra fob as 3, it then asked for fob 4. As three it will not activate memory controls, but everything else. There are two programming modes. One for extra fobs (3 & 4) - or one that resets and programs all fobs. That one scares me. If I screw up, i"m toast and call the tow truck.
I know it recognized it because if I try to reprogram it it says recognized fob and if I put it in the little fob pocket in the glove box the car will start.

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