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Manufacturer Buy Back


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Sep 20, 2022
Barry's Bay, Ontario, Canada
Just came across a XLR Base, Crimson and shale,,,, purchase price is decent but the car has a buy back on it in 2006,,,, it's a 2004 will this always bother the resale value of the car,,, should I just walk away and look for another???/


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Jan 1, 2009
Houston, TX
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2006 Silver XLR-V
GM bought back my first 2006 XLR-V - it was a nightmare car... I mean - it was a lemon if there ever was one... there were so many things wrong with it, it was comical.

The 04 and 05 models are known to have many issues as they were learning how to get the formula right... including radiator problems, and even water pooling in the trunk from rain... honestly - they are all relatively easy fixes - and its entirely possible that the car you're looking at has everything "Fixed".

Personally - I'd just look for a 06 or newer... these cars aren't completely rare (although parts are) so finding one you want is just a matter of waiting...

Unless this particular car is an increidble deal, I'd look for another one.


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Oct 15, 2019
Montreal, Canada
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2004 #67

Google 'Manufacturer buy back'. I did and read a pretty positive blurb which imho would -not- make me hesitate at all. Here's select portions of one page I found:

"Manufacturer buybacks are vehicles that have been repurchased by the manufacturer due to unresolved issues reported by the initial owner of the vehicle but has since been resolved. ... There are some myths that follow a vehicle labeled as a “Buyback,” but after today those myths will be a thing of the past.

Myth #1: Buyback vehicles are defective…

A buyback vehicle may sometimes be bought back due to unresolved issues, but that isn’t always the case. These vehicles are often repurchased as a gesture of goodwill, or because the parts for a repair may not have been available in a timely manner.

Myth #2: The vehicle isn’t always fixed when it is bought back…

When repurchased, the sole priority for the manufacturer is to make sure that the vehicle is repaired to the specification that it was originally intended for. Note that your buyback will always receive a thorough inspection to ensure it meets performance and reliability expectations.

Myth #3: These vehicles are not safe…

Since being bought back, the vehicle was repaired (if needed) and inspected to ensure compliance with all safety standards.

Myth #4: A manufacturer just wants to get rid of the car…

Note that the last thing a manufacturer wants to do is put a valued customer in a defective vehicle. Manufacturers are also legally required to resolve all issues (if any) with a car before it can be available for purchase.

All in all, if the question is: Should I consider purchasing a buyback vehicle? Then the answer is ABSOLUTELY!"


That said (read), if the price is reasonable, no problem.
I'm playing with the 67th car off the line and sure, it has its share of curiosities and little glitches, however while most certainly GM did what they could within reason (costs no doubt) to improve things as they went along, well, Richard, the fact that your '06 albeit a V ended up being bought back, is kind of proof that it can happen to absolutely any car of any manufactured year.

Thinking positively, a bought back car put up for resale should logically have been attended to perhaps more thoroughly than one that made it off the line and just happened to work as intended from the get-go.

Just my two cents.

Gord :thumbsup

pure zen

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Mar 12, 2014
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2005 Crimson Pearl XLR
Thanks for the info,,,, My gut is telling me to walk away and I will listen and walk.... just too many possabilties.

Good decision.....walk or run. I would never want to chance buying a '04. as I've heard too many
stories. I had a '05 and other than the CD unit (PofS) never had any other issues to deal with.

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