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Phillies vs Rays


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Oct 12, 2007
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Blue '05
One and one so far.

Who's going to win this thing? I'm a natural Braves fan, so I generally root for whoever gives them a hard time... go Tampa!
I'm hoping for the Rays... only because they beat Boston to get here. I've always been and will always be a Yankees fan... we'll be there bext year!!
Well it could be settled tonight. Or not. :rolleyes:
The Phillies bats sure have been hot... hopefully the Rays will shut them down tonight...
It was a good thing for baseball that the rays scored that run to tie up the game. Would have been terrible to see the series end in the locker room as it would have had philly had the lead at the rain delay. Imagine that......a few hours after the ran delay...."oh by the way guys....you won the world series"

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