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Help! Pollynh


Jul 29, 2020
New Hampshire
My XLR/V(s)
2005 Silver XLR
Looking to discuss with other 2005 XLR owners any of their technical problems.
Before my car died the fuel indicator went from full to empty and stayed on empty when I know there was fuel also several dash lights came on.
Has anyone else had this problem?
The fuel sending unit in the tanks is a known problem. Some have had sucess running a fuel cleaning addutive. If not the pump will need to be replaced. Total cost is about 1500-2000 if you can find someone to do it. If there isca corvette shop in the area they can help. Dependingnon what other lights you have the 05 has isdues with the suspension module snd top control module these can add up to 3-4000 in repairs if you can even find a suspension module. I would check it out to find all issues before spending lot of money on it. I understand it being in the family. If you want some help you can reach me at xlrparts@yahoo.com andbill give you my number and discuss the other lights.

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