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remanufactured? what does it mean? suspension module


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Apr 5, 2017
North Atlanta
recently ran across a suspension module on ebay listed as "remanufactured" I was interested as I know no one has been able to do this yet I was hoping maybe someone had figured it out. The price 3000$ was high but listed " a warranty"
There are legal laws as to what you must do to a part to call it reconditioned, refurbished, remanufactured or rebuilt. Refurbished can be as simple as cleaning a part and making sure it works Some parts like starters can be rebuilt which just means checking them out and replacing any parts that show wear and getting them to a minimum condition. These usually have a 30-60 day warranty. Remanufactured involves completely dismantling a part , replacing all wearable bearings, bushings, brushes and putting the part back to factory condition. These parts usually have at least a one year warranty,
Now the ebay suspension module. It is not "remanufactured." It has a junk car recycle sticker on it showing it came from a used auto parts source. These can be bought and put on anything that comes apart so you cannot look inside to confirm the condition without "voiding the warranty" The seller should show the inside to confirm its condition. Once plugged in and if it does nto work the seller wil lsay, you have other issues or you installed it incorrectly whatever the reason you voided the warranty if there actually was one.
The sticker visible on top " looks like an iron cross" shows it come from a source that has been known to not stand behind their parts at all and certainly they will not stand behind an electrical part sold to a third party. SO learn to ask questions, What is the warranty? who issues it and how do you go about collecting on a problem. On this item It would be a hard pass for me. BUYER BEWARE

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