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Taillight repair, new guy on ebay

long Tall Sally

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Sep 11, 2018
Aiken SC
My XLR/V(s)
2008 xlr dove gray
I would advise anyone looking to hold off from the new guy on ebay doing taillight rebuilds for 399. I know that a long time repairer that I have used many times and others on here as well spends close to that on parts alone to do the proper repair. He has since gone up to 699 because he makes much more money on some simple repairs that he can do.
This guy has good feedback on ebay but if yo ulook its for selling small easily found items and doing a few repairs on items that if you look on You tube you can repair yourself with just a simple resolder. If you look at his yelp and local feedback he has many many negatives on rip off report and other sites. He has gone by three different business names
If he breaks one , I would want to know how he is going to replace it? He is not too far out of the way on a trip I will soon take , so I may just drop by and see what he has to offer. I think that price point is great for a proper repair if it can be done. I will keep you posted and ask me anything you want me to find out when I get there. I am also going to see what he thinks about repair to the top module which is a really simple piece. If you have a bad top module let me know as I have a couple good ones we can compare.

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