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Yep, a high school shop student could have done better
I know it's again an old post; The importance is that in reading brings to attention the need to research who is doing the work! After the horrible work story's and the qurky XLR I found a shop who specializes in XLR's and in fact was part of the developement team who wrote the software and is got great reviews. I doubt I would take my car to a Cadillac dealer anywhere in Phoenix based on my experience yesterday, I got this car without the emergency key, Called around (Cadillac) one said they had it 25 mile drive, remembered my call and thought I called about an ignition key (mine has a button does anyone have a key?) so he didnt have a key but another had the key but the key machine was down (another 25 miles) bought the key then had to go to a Chevy dealer to have it cut. I can not imagine what I would go through if I sent it in with a top not secure dic.
Just to follow up with the service done on my 2005; I played with my tech 2 and screwed up the system. Trunk wouldn't open dic top not secure. made an appointment with Legens Had the car for 1/2 hour and everything working again. $360.00 also pointed me in the direction clearing the dic codes 0171; 0174 seems whom ever did work completely distroyed the air deffuser the in engine side it was so distorted that would never have sealed. So if you are trying to track down what is creating tha code start by removing and inspecting everything from the MAF to the throttle body. Since I had mine apart I replaced the MAF,MAP,air deffuser and throttle body and air filters. No more engine light or codes!

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