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WANTED: Wheel set with center caps prefer within 200 miles of 93065 -prefer Polished


Feb 2, 2022
My XLR/V(s)
2006 XLR Gold
Searching for a clean polished wheel set complete with center caps and good tires. No tires is OK too.
Prefer local set but will consider others. Shipped to my office in 93012 with shipping ramps.
18"-20" Aftermarket black or bronze wheels OK too

Price and location?
I have a set of original XLR 10 spoke wheels & centercaps with Perelli tires. 2 tires are down to the wear bar, and 2 are a bit above. $800 for the set, but I’m in San Francisco. PM me if interested
They sounds like what I'm looking for.
Any chance you're coming to L.A. for the Superbowl or vacation? :)

I just made the drive to Los Banos two weeks ago to get parts for my 68 Mustang project and am not ready to do that drive again... At least not yet.
Unfortunately not. Any chace you’ll be futher north within the next month? Or any friend I could get them to?
Still looking for a local set in SoCal.

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