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Oct 7, 2006
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Hey, I forgot I was a member over there. Well, I posted once - does that count??
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Careful ..... you might be accused of "solicting" .... :squint: :reddevil

Oh ... I forgot .... that happens somewhere else.
Well, since I own and operate the Corvette Action Center....solicit all ya want! :blinzel:
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Did the XLR registry ever happen???
I just bought an 08 Alpine edition "V" that the previous owner claimed was the first Alpine car built. When I questioned him about how he came to believe that it was the first one built he said that "someone at the Corvette factory told him".
I really don't care other than it would be fun to know if it's true.
Thanks in advance for any replies!!!
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Unfortunately, I haven't been able to make any progress on this, but it is still on my to-do list.
Thanks for the reply!
Does Bowling Green have and supply detailed production data?
I've seen data showing that there were something like 251 Alpine Edition XLR's made, 61 of them being "V's" and 21 or so of those with black interiors.
I figure if they are providing that kind of data maybe they might be able to tell the VIN of the first / last Alpine made, etc..
So, I'm back working on the XLR Registry and I'm trying to figure out what options - if any - were available for the XLR per model year.

The production information from Bowling Green only breaks down each model year by exterior/interior color and model (XLR vs. XLR-V, etc.)

Can anyone help??

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