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  • Howdy. I've been prompted to ask YOU my questions on suspension modules, specifically the one in my 2004 XLR that does not work. Will it not swap out with a 2004 Corvette C5 suspension module, the schematics are basically identical but I'm not familiar with the programming within the modules. My other suggestion was to do a bypass and change the shocks.
    Jeff Rhodes
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    Do you know if the ABS control module is the same between the 2004 XLR and the 2006 Corvette?
    I'm not sure about that but maybe you could try to look up the part numbers and see if they match. I would think you could find the corvette number easy enough by just finding it on Rock auto, they usually show the part numbers there. The XLR might be a little harder to find unless it's on the part, or maybe it's somewhere on the forum.
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