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    Help! Foam pieces in the HVAC vents?

    The trim piece pops out with plastic trim removal tools. It's pretty easy to remove the decomposing foam gasket. Clean the old adhesive off and add new adhesive-backed foam available at any good hardware store. Reinstall and you don't have to worry (about that) for another five-ten years. CC
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    XTS Impressions After Two Months

    Over five years later . . . The XTS still runs like a champ. 28 MPG on regular gas and very quiet on the highway. Other than a broken weld joint on the front exhaust manifold, two magnetic shocks, and a set of new tires last year, it still runs and drives like new. Looking ahead to my next...
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    "Service Ride Control" ??

    This is the kind of advice you get from someone who sells parts and knows next-to-nothing about the vehicle architecture. The cover in the front of the bumper is for the Adaptive Cruise Control, which if a failure is detected would give the "SERVICE RADAR CRUISE". The "SERVICE RIDE CONTROL"...
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    Door will not open electrically

    Maybe this will help: https://www.xlr-net.com/forums/cadillac-xlr-technical-discussion/9106-quick-fix-for-intermittent-and-dead-door-switch-pads.html?highlight=membrane+switch CC
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    TC light comes on intermittently

    Sensitive wheel hub sensors will call this (intermittent) problem.
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    Still looking

    The Top Position Sensor is behind the vinyl cover on the driver's side, just behind the head rest. The Front Tonneau sensor is between the linkages in the center of the front wall of the trunk. CCC :wave:
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    Top question

    Sensors are available. Front Tonneau is directly behind the seats, Rear Tonneau (aka Rear Closeout Panel) is forward of the Rear Decklid.
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    Low Profile Ramps for Oil Change

    Someone here recommended Rhino ramps to me many years ago, and they work great for the XLR! They're included in this comparo video. Available all over, so shop around for the best prices if you're interested. They come in multiple styles.
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    adaptive headlight not moving

    AFL system positioning for the XLR is determined by vehicle speed and the Steering Wheel Position sensor. Unfortunately, there are no sensors to measure road curves in this vehicle. (Cadillac's Supercruise is one example of a system that does, using a combination of real-time GPS and...
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    Top question

    Rear Tonneau sensor is a likely culprit, since it's the last component to operate before the Rear Decklid closes during a Folding Top Close operation. Recommend performing another Re-learn and recording all sensor/switch values during a Folding Top Open/Close operation. The next time there's...
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    Ignorant navigation question

    No HUD turn-by-turn navigation cues were installed on the XLR.
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    Printed vs PDF service manual - help?

    Internal module hardware addresses were not included in the XLR factory service manuals. Including them in the Corvette manuals attests to the popularity, (and larger sales footprint) of the platform and the many aftermarket vendors supporting it. CC
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    Help! convertable top control modual

    GM dealerships have connector repair kits for most late model vehicles. Parts are available online too. Here's one source for the entire connector: 12110114 Connectors | Mouser Do be aware that specific crimp tools are required for a proper job of securing the pins to wiring. Pin removal...
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    Roof wont work

    If no operation and no DIC msg, verify all top-related fuses. If the same symptoms persist, verify the Folding Top Contol Switch is working. CC
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    how to change tail light bulbs 2005 xlr

    "I will be spending my time and resources helping them' SO "so long xlr " This is the most welcome quote I've had the pleasure to view in eleven years on this forum. MT trolled this forum from the beginning and pretty much drove me away with his incessant BS; --and that was with him at the top...
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