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2023 Keeneland d'Elegance Concours Show - July 15th, 2023


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I received information about the 2023 Keeneland d'Elegance Concours Show for 2023; Cadillac is the featured brand. This might be a great opportunity to bring our XLR's together at an event next year. And remember, 2023 is the 20th Anniversary of the beginning of the beautiful car.
I plan on bringing both of my XLR's. Are there any others out there that might be interested in doing this event with me? Take a look at their sight, to see what they offer. 2021 they featured the Corvette and this year they featured Porsche. The more we can get interested, maybe we can get Cadillac to feature the XLR or something.

Go to their site: Keeneland Conours d'Elegance

Hey Rob - any way to highlight this potential event on the site more? Thanks.
I’m interested. We can bring our two XLR’s too.

Rob, please highlight this! This a a visually “busy” site, it would be great if this doesn’t get lost in all of that!
Wow, only about 4.5 months to go and our XLR’s need some cleaning TLC! Haven’t been run much but dust builds up anyway.
While my V sleeps for the winter in Wisconsin, I actually had Cindy's '05 Base out a couple of time in February (unheard of, normally)... but no top down driving. :)
This has not been a bad winter so far, but I can't wait for Spring, when we get both of our XLR's out on the road. We need to start getting ppl excited about doing a trip. I definitely want to visit the Bowling Green plant this year (and museum).
Stay warm everyone.

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