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  • hey i'm a newbie here. I just got my XLR on the 4th of october. but I had to wait in order to drive it. I had to get a left foot accelerator and a spinner (suicide) knob installed.I have the codes on my drivers license. So now I can drive it and really love it. I am loving this infrared color. its a 06, with just turned over 21k. The previous owner just used it as a sunday driver. There is hardly any dings or scratches on it. he kept it in the garage i will do the same. my mom has the srx crossover and she loves hers too. We went from being a honda family to being a caddy family. you can see the pics on my page
    Understood, didn't want to leave you out...you are part of the core group here. Be safe.
    I hope this finds you well. I am attempting to button up the name tag project. Would you please provide the name(s) as you would like them to appear on your name tags for the Gettysburg Trip. See you in June. Dave
    Don't be mad at me: I am a blonde and I can't help myself! ~;) Besides neither of you look all that much like a weiner in front of that thing....well not TOO much anyway!
    So I am interested in the racing but I am a virtual racing virgin so you mentioned GT, GTS, TC....when would I want to be there if I want to see the CTS-V Coupe race?
    when is tea, cadillac racing in St. Petersberg beach? Our Florida home is in North Port, just over an hour south of St Petes.
    Hey GizmoQ!
    You're supposed to be, "Da-Man" when it comes to adapting/swaping the Late Model Corvette wheel to the XLR.
    I'm lookin' to get some 5-spoke, 18X8 Corvette wheels, but alls I get is, "I think or kinda' sorta" responses.
    THEN one of the forum's subscriber said that you had direct knowledge of this wheel swap.
    All's I want to do is find out which, (Part Number would be nice) Corvette 5-Spoke wheel would be a direct swap with my 2005 18X8 XLR wheel, without any mods etc.

    Your help/advise would be greatly appreciated.
    GismoQ... I see that your V is listed as an '06. When did you add the '09 chrome trim to the sides? Where did you source the pieces from and how are they attached? Thanks!
    Glad to hear she had a good time. You all are great people and I look forward to future outings.
    Gizmo, It was a pleasure meeting you and PJ in the Carolinas. Hope to see you at future events. Sorry to hear that it rained on the dragon's tail.
    Me too. I went ahead and booked the room. You can cancel all the way up to 6PM the day of reservation. I'm afraid it will sell out so that way we are covered.
    It was great meeting you and PJ. I hope you both plan on doing more with the M&M's new members are always welcome.
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