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13th National Cadillac Allante XLR Clubs Show


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Jun 17, 2011
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Came across this email the other day and just wanted to share here for anyone that maybe have a interested.

Yo! Allante and XLR owners,
You ready for Philly? Check out this itinerary. As of this date were 25 strong... Print this and share with your wife. I’m really getting tired of hearing my wife don’t like or go to car shows. Now if you like what your reading, go to www.CadillacAllanteClub.com and all the events information is on the home page.

13th National Cadillac Allante XLR Clubs Show / Vacation.
September 21th to the 25th… and then some…
Dear Allante XLR attendees,
Here is the itinerary for the 13th National Cadillac Allante XLR Clubs Show / Vacation. It is also the 25th Anniversary for the 1991 Cadillac Allante and a special Plaque will be presented to the lucky owner with the Best 1991, amongst all the other awards.
Please take note: This is not your average car show, it is more like a vacation to spend time with friends in the great city of Philadelphia, and that we all own the same marquee automobile which happens to be a classic Cadillac Allante’ or XLR. This event is open to all owners, family and friends, member or not. You do not have to own or even drive it to the event to participate. We will charter buses to some of the historic places around this historic city. If we get enough interest, we can be chauffeured everywhere. Then again, driving an Allanté around this city should be what it’s all about.
Wednesdays night.
A major league baseball game between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Chicago White Sox’s will be a great way to start this historic event. Starting time is 7:05pm. After the game at the stadium there is a complex called Xfinity live, complete with restaurants and bars to finish out the evening. Now if you’re a football fan, and you stick around till Sunday, the Eagles host the Pittsburgh Steelers start time 4:30pm
1- There are a few places to go… for the race car buff, The Simeone Car museum Home | Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum you can almost walk to it from the hotel.
2- For the one of a kind scenic and shopping experience the Peddlers village in Lahaska Pa. Bucks County Peddlers Village 1hr ride and it is worth it… (The wife would love you for it)
Dinner: If you want fine Dining and great Wine, then it’s the Panorama Restaurant for a meal to remember, just asked the Attendees from the 2003 National show. It may be a little pricy, but they all told me it was the best meal and dining experience they ever had.
Philadelphia Italian Restaurant | Panorama
Now it’s time to visit Old city Philly and we will hop aboard the HOP ON / HOP OFF bus tour, where it will take you to 27 difference places of interest in the city. It’s worth every minute of it.
Dinner: At Chickies and Pete’s. http://chickiesandpetes.com Which is a South Philly tradition where we will book a room all to ourselves. So we can get to know our new friends better and meet new ones.
At 9:30 am, we will drive to the most famous hot spot in Philly, Old City South Street. Yes it’s where all the yuppies meet. But we will be staging our Babies on Bainbridge Street, which is better because it’s a tree lined street and will provide shade. It is adjacent to South St, and once all parked; we can walk the streets to all the one of a kind shops and stores. While on South street, you will go by Jim’s Steak’s it’s the “other Steak sandwich” different than Pat’s or Gino’s but equally famous If you go south on 4th street, you will run into the famous fabric district where all the top designers buy their material. By 4 pm, we all should be back at the hotel and be getting ready for the Comedy Diner Show / Awards Banquet starting by 6:30 which will be in one of the banquet rooms in the hotel.
The Comedy Show will be hosted by Vince Valentine star of the longest running one man show in Broadway history, “Defending the Caveman” He will announce the headliner at a later date for your enjoyment.
I’m sure on the drive home; you will be talking how wonderful Philadelphia is. If for any reason, you wish to continue your stay, maybe there was not enough time to do or see some of the things you planed, let me know. Maybe, you like to see Atlantic City? I can plan a side trip there.
All Welcome to visit the Allante repair shop which is located between Philly and Atlantic City
2017 National meet, Savannah Georgia in September
2018 Grand National, Dearborn Michigan in September the Year the 1993 turns 25 Years old
2019? It’s open. If you like it in your home town, you have 3 years to start subchapter.
It came to my attention that people are getting confused with this National Event and the Allante invitational. They are 2 different events.
Allante Invitational, is hosted by the Allante XLR / CLC in August 25th to 27th
13th National Allante XLR in hosted by the Cadillac Allante XLR Club in September 21 to 25
Now, if you can please go to both.
ALLANTE REPAIR TOUR, Coming to a town near you…
Also you should know that the Allante Repair tour will be leaving on August 21 2016. We will be heading up to the New England States then driving across for the Allante Invitational in Grand Rapids on the 25[SUP]th[/SUP] to 27[SUP]th[/SUP]. So if anyone needs any work done or would like to join me at the show, call or email me ASAP. Once I’m on the road, I may not have the part you need to get you fixed up.
Johnny Monzo 609-634-6518 itsonyluv@comcast.net

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