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2005 Cruise Control Module Rebuild

Ken Lund

Jun 12, 2022
Concord, TN
My XLR/V(s)
2005 Satin Nickel
I recently had my local Cadillac dealer install and program a used module I purchased used from a donor car.
It works great now, but I was wondering if anyone knows of a vendor who rebuilds cruise control
modules so I can send my original one off to repair and keep for future use. Anyone have any ideas
or experience in this?? This module for 2006-2009 models is still available on GM parts, but not for 2004-05.
Several people have looked into it but no one repairs used 04-05 are generally found for 300$ if you shop anlittle. Ive bought them for under 200 and sell them for 250. 06-09 rairly go bad and dont interchange they are 300 used i think 500 new. The 04/05 are coming down as dozens are available. They dont need any programming to install just sometimes need to be aimed if they got hit which is very easy to do.
Thanks for the reply Mickey. Actually I found a company that rebuilds the modules for $225.
The name of the company is G7 Computers which has a website and can be reached at
help@.g7computers.com. Don't know how good or reliable they are, but maybe someone in
xlr.net has experience with them. They claim 1 day turnaround. I wound up paying $450 for
mine with a 90 day warranty. Had been looking for some time and $400-$500 seemed to be
lowest I saw on internet, with some only having 30 day exchange or none at all.
We have had other members send different modules to g7 . 99% chance they cannot repair them. They claim the can repair suspension modules and top modules. They cannot. They can repairvthe abs moduke for 300$ but anybody with a solder gun can also repair them for 5 minutes work. The thing almost all these module repair companies can do is repair cold solder joints. Thatsca solder joint that has worked loose andbis not making contact. If you can take it apart you can see the joint and fix it yourself. They have no way to test the distance module without installing it on a car. The almost same module is used on three different lines landvrover is one. Thousands of those stopped working and no one has found a repair. If they could they would have 30-40 of them a week to repair. I can make the jaguar unit work on 06-09 xlr but there are still plenty of them and they cost about the same. People need to learn how to shop. All these ebay sellers mark this stuff up.you can call the dealers that sell them and make them an offer..when people pay stupid prices on ebay then shops will hold off and try and get that much. just look atvthe price a north carolina selker is asking and cut it in half . thats what the part is worth. your problem with the module repair if you csnnot install it your self to check it you will think it works and your warranty will die on the shelf till one day you try it and findbout it does not. Id be happy if they coukd fix them but.the way they are sealed even if they could i doubt it would be water tight. Good luck and let us know how they say they test them.

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