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2009 XLR (Base) - FOB Key Housing Replacement


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May 4, 2020
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All -

I bought the following FOB key housing unit from Amazon: Robot Check.

I then followed this video: YouTube

A couple notes from my experience which differs from the guy in the video. Note, the below may not make sense unless you watch the video. First, when it came time to take out the key from the old FOB to put into the new FOB, I struggled mightily (unlike the guy in the video). Once I got the screw out, I had a hell of a time trying to pull that key, so, I soaked the key in hot water then applied some heat (using my mother-in-law’s hair dryer) then kissed the base of the key with WD40. Using a bit of elbow grease, she came out.

Second, I had a tough time inserting the old key into the base of the new housing unit. It seemed the base of the old key was just a touch too big for that new housing base. So, I vice gripped it and shaved the base of the key using a Dremel. After some trial and error, the old key slipped into the base of the new housing unit easily. Used a little WD40 as lube too.

Finally, I removed the Cadillac emblem on the old FOB, as instructed in the video. But, I filed ALL of the adhesive off of the emblem so that it was smooth. My wife (being a cosmetic tattooist) suggested I use E6000 liquid adhesive, which I did, to glue the emblem onto the new housing unit - well, she actually did that part - she has steadier hands.

Anyways, thought the above may help.

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