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4.6 engine info

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Oct 16, 2008
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Engine Mechanical - 4.6L (LH2) | Specifications | Document ID: 822440
Engine Mechanical Specifications

  • Engine Type
  • Displacement
4.6 Liter

279 cu in
  • RPO
  • VIN
  • Bore
93 mm

3.661 in
  • Stroke
84 mm

3.3071 in
  • Compression Ratio
  • Engine Compression Test
965-1172 kPa

140-170 psi
  • Firing Order
  • Spark Plug Gap
1.270 mm
0.0500 in

Lubrication System
  • Oil Capacity - with New Dry Oil Filter
7.6 Liters

8.0 Quarts
  • Oil Capacity - without Oil Filter Change
7.1 Liters

7.5 Quarts
  • Oil Pressure - Minimum @ Idle
35 kPa

5 psi
  • Oil Pressure - Minimum @ 2,000 RPM
250 kPa
35 psi
Thanks - that answers my question about my 20 PSI oil pressure at idle, hot engine.
Thank you for the information. Has anyone looked into the performance benefits (if any) of having the heads ported / polished, changing a cam bore stroke, or any other top end work? D3 has limited products for the standard XLR and I was interested in trying to squeeze out some extra horsies!
Am not sure but is the cylinder numbering start at 1 on the passenger side rear ond of the engine compartment with odds in the back and evens in the front with 2 also starting the passenger side?

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