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Mar 15, 2022
Santa Monica, CA
My XLR/V(s)
XLR 2008
Hello there, I have a black 2009 XLR. My dad, the only owner, gave it to me (so, one owner, essentially). It has 67,000 miles. I live in Los Angeles where I’ve never seen another XLR and I am ready to sell it. I want to know if it’s worth fixing the following things prior to selling:

1. Scratched front bumper (really scratched) needs replacement for aesthetics.
2. Replace radio component to original (I changed out the navigation/radio but kept the original)
3. Unknown clicking noise in dash when I turn on car
4. Direct air vent for A/C not working (air comes out other vents though)

I have a trusted body shop with an honest guy and a great shop where I take it for mechanical things (these guys really know how to solve the cars problems.) However, maintenance costs are getting to me. I appreciate all advice and even help on pricing this car.
Depends on if the car is perfect other than those items.as far as painting a company called colors on parade are in most cities and they paint bumpers. To replace and paint the front bumper may cost you 2000-2500. Colors dresses up bumpers for car lots maybe 1/4 the price. Just give the stock radio to whomever buys the car. Some like stock many change to aftermarket. The clicking in the dash is most likely one of the vent valve gears 2000-2500 to repair .it may be one that you can get to under the glove box so much cheaper but if not the dash may have to come out. Just price it at what you think its worth and see if anyone is interested.they nay be able to fix the a/c themselves
Mickeytee, thank you so much for the advice. I’ve had the bumper replaced once before and my memory is that it was less than $1000. I agree that it will impact the visuals positively. I’ll take into consideration your advice. I will have the clicking checked out too. Again, thank you.
If you can get a bumper replaced for under 1000 please let me know where. Ill drive out and get it done.no new bumpers available. Used ones are 6-800 300 labor to install 3-400 for paint labor plus material and you will be closer to 2000 than 1000. Like I said, there are people who just do bumper repairs not replacement and are much cheaper. There are more people who will pay say 18,000 for a car with a scratched number than those who will pay 20,000 with a newly painted one.

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