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CD changer replacement


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Jan 12, 2022
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2007 Black XLR-V
My CD changer was holding 6 of my favorite cd's hostage, I tried all the tricks, but nothing worked. Once I removed the unit and separated the cd changer from the radio, I was able to disassemble the changer and remove the cd's. Unfortunately I found some teeth missing from one of the gears so I started looking at my options. I'll cut to the chase, I found a brand new radio/cd unit on ebay that looked very close to the original but it was for a 2006 srx. After more research I decided to take a chance and purchase it, all the connectors looked identical and all I needed was the cd changer or maybe just parts of that. I installed it and it worked great but the steering wheel radio controls not so much. After taking it back out, I switched the mother board from the old changer into the new one and now everything seems to be working as it should. I only used the new cd changer not the radio, my radio works fine and has lifetime XM/Sirius. I'm not ready to claim victory yet as I have just finished working on it and only tested it while parked in the garage. If I find any problems, I'll let you know. I'm sharing this information because it's hard to find anything for these cars so if we find something that is interchangeable with other cars, we need to share that information.

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