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Corvette Museum Building's Expansion comes to life


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Corvette Museum Building's Expansion comes to life

By BG Area Convention & Visitors Bureau
Tuesday, January 20, 2009 11:15 AM CST

The National Corvette Museum’s 47,000 square foot expansion is closer to reality with approximately seventy-five percent of the structure both inside and out completed and taking shape daily. The exterior, visible to interstate travelers, offers a glance at architectural changes including a glass front entrance area to the new Conference Center, exterior “under roof” exhibit area, Corvette Café and 65-foot NCM Logo to welcome guests entering through the new parking area.

Construction of the new addition is scheduled for completion in April and some departments of the current facility will begin moving into the new area in February. Combined with existing space, the completed Museum facility will have over 115,000 square feet of space for exhibits, a Café, library/archives, meeting places and more.

The new addition will have new organized, climate-protection for archival items and will offer visitors the opportunity to view historical footage from the Corvette Library. The Corvette Hall of Fame, which will relocate to the Skydome area of the current Museum, will visually showcase the accomplishments of the men and women who played a significant role in the heritage of Corvette through hands on displays, memorabilia showcases and visual art. The Museum’s Corvette Boulevard and lobby opens with a completely new appearance and style, staging a street scene covered by a barrel roof archway that colorfully leads visitors on a journey into the new and old legacy of Corvette.

The Museum’s Corvette Café will offer visitors a place to relax in a unique setting and enjoy breakfast and lunch items to energize and refresh during the visit.

The new Corvette Enthusiast area will offer hands-on interactivity with computer trivia and exhibits to spotlight Corvette clubs and hobbyists. Another grand feature of the addition is a Conference Center to host group meetings for up to 400 in a banquet style setting, which will also be used for educational exhibit and display space to share when hosting school groups and group tours. The expansion progress can be viewed world-wide via our interior and exterior web cams here.

Bash event participants who visit during April 23-25 will have an inside look at the progress and will enjoy several activities planned inside the new addition areas that are completed prior to the event. “We are thrilled with the progress of the new addition and the opportunity to showcase many of the areas at the Bash event,” states NCM Facilities Manager, Bob Hellmann. “Everything is on target for our final completion in time for the Corvette Celebration over Labor Day weekend. We look forward to sharing the experience with new guests and those that have visited before.”

The new addition will offer the ability to share more of our educational presentations and possibilities, and continue the Museum’s mission and as a resource and the gateway to the Corvette community. Photos of the building progress are updated monthly via our website here. The building campaign stands at over $3.2 million in pledges and donations. The addition is made possible through donations, pledges and bank financing. The estimated final cost is approximately $10 million.

“We have been conscientious with our financial obligations with regards to the addition, and very much appreciate the support from our members, clubs and benefactors who have helped us with this exciting challenge,” states NCM Executive Director, Wendell Strode. “We look forward to sharing the new look and feel of the Museum with its members, enthusiasts and the Corvette family who have the passion to keep Corvette alive for many generations to come.”

More information on the Museum’s expansion and the many ways you can help are available via our website. The National Corvette Museum is a non-profit, “member-driven” foundation dedicated to educating the public through the preservation of the Corvette’s past, present and future heritage. Open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT, the Museum is located at Exit 28 on I-65 in Bowling Green, KY. Stay on top of the latest Museum and Corvette news by subscribing to our weekly enewsletter, “NCM eNews” by clicking here.

Content provided by National Corvette Museum

Contact: Bobbie Jo Lee

Kind of makes me wish we'd have a meeting in Bowling Green again!! I know we've only had two meets there, but it won't feel like Spring/Summer without a drive to BG! I'll miss it!!

I am delighted that we are meeting in San Antonio ... Hopefully we will not have to contend with the heat and humidity that seems to permeate KY .... !:D
Kind of makes me wish we'd have a meeting in Bowling Green again!! I know we've only had two meets there, but it won't feel like Spring/Summer without a drive to BG! I'll miss it!!


Any time you want to make a trip there, just let us know...we'll meet you there! :wave:


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