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Deck lid position switch mount needs to be replaced


Dec 23, 2021
Midwest USA
My XLR/V(s)
2004 Xenon Blue XLR
Long story short.... Battery died, had to use the key in the rear bumper to push the rear deck (trunk) open to access the manual drivers side door release so that I could open the engine hood and replace the battery. In the process of pushing the rear deck open, the lifting mechanism snagged the deck lid sensor and pulled it off its mount.

Saw in the Forum how to get a generic Amazon replacement switch (because its all sort of buggered now), BUT where can I get a replacement mount? I know the they are a discontinued part (what isnt on this ride.....), so anyone got a source of supply or done this before?



Seasoned Member
Apr 5, 2017
North Atlanta
I sent you a pm that i had one. Someone else needs it if you dont. For reference dealer only shows part number 19120639 but that is the cargo switch. That one several dealers are shown to have but have been called and they dont. We looked all over and never could find any listing for a part number on the one at the hinge let us know what worked out for you. The xlt parts troll listed one on ebay. No warranty no returns as usual.
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