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drive and accessory belt change procedure

Loosen a lot of bolts, replace belts, tighten a lot of bolts.:chuckle

If ccclarke doesn't beat me to it, I'll look it up in Chilton's later on and post it for you
I'm on the MF#%!! Jules!

Drive Belt Replacement:

Removal -

1. Install a 1/2 inch breaker bar into the Drive Belt Tensioner.
2. Push down on the breaker bar to release tension on the belt.
3. Remove the drive belt from the tensioner pulley.
4. Slowly release pressure on the breaker bar to allow the tensioner to return to its original position.
5. Raise and support the vehicle.
6. Remove the belt.

Installation -

1. Thread the drive belt through all the pulleys except for the drive belt tensioner pulley.
2. Lower the vehicle.
3. Insert a 1/3 inch breaker bar into the Drive Belt Tensioner.
4. Push down on the tensioner and feed the belt around the tensioner pulley.
5. With tension applied, route the belt. Ensure the belt is seated in all pulleys.
6. Slowly return the tensioner to its original position. This will apply the proper tension to the drive belt.
7. After installation, inspect for proper routing and belt alignment.
8. Start the engine and verify proper belt and accessory operation.

Accessory Belt Removal/Installation:

Removal -

1. Remove the Drive belt.
2. Remove the Power Steering Reservoir: Separate Procedure
3. Remove the Power Steering Reservoir Outlet Pipe/Hose: Separate Procedure
When re-installing, bleed the power steering system: Separate Procedure
4. Nearly identical procedure, where the tensioner is moved to release tension (using a wrench) and the belt released and re-installed. The top bolt is removed from the Accessory Drive Belt Tensioner.
5. Raise the car.
6. Remove the bottom belt from the Accessory Drive Belt Tensioner Damper.
7. Remove the Tensioner.
8. Remove the belt.

Installation -

1. Tighten the tensioner bolts (18 ft/lb).
2. Lower the vehicle.
3. Attach a wrench to the tensioner.
4. Rotate the wrench to release the tension and feed the belt around the Power Steering pulley.
5. With tension applied, route the belt. Ensure the belt is properly seated.
6. Slowly return the tensioner back to its original position.
7. Re-install the Power Steering Reservoir.
8. Reinstall the Drive Belt.
9. Start the engine and inspect for proper belt and accessory operation.

If you need additional procedures and illustrations, you can download all the factory procedures you want for $10 a day here: RepairProcedures.com - Providing electronic service information for 1995 to current GM vehicles (Recommended.)

CC :wave:
Has any one had to replace the idler tension pulleys on their engines, or is the belt squeaking simply a result of needing a serpentine belt replaced?? Thanks for your advice, James (2007 XLR)
pully bearings do go bad. I keep the bearings in stock and just replace them when I have the pully off. they cost like 4$ each for the good sealed ones and press in and out easier than looking for the pully. Give them a spin when the belt is off and see if they have any noise or roughness.
Thank you--- I appreciate your reply. I'll have the pulleys checked out very soon... I suspected an issues as there is a squeal when the engine revs over an idle. There's not much room between the pulleys and the radiator and associated components. Do you have to take out the fan and radiator to replace the two pulleys? Can I shoot some lubricant into the pulley bearings to get a 500 mile road trip out of them before changing them out? Greatly appreciate you advice, James
So the tensioner on the powersteering belt won’t budge. I’ve got the other two belts off and this one is challenging me. I’ve tried a 15mm wrench on the stud, and a 1/2” ratchet in the square hole, turning both clockwise. Zero joy. Seems like the tensioner is frozen.

Any tips on getting the powersteering belt off (and back on)?
Most likely you need a tensioner. They go bad and are the cause of failure on the power steering pulley that leave to pump failure. The tensioner is fairly strong hydraulic. 30-40 foot pounds to compress it. A 1/2 drive should slowly compress it. If it does not move it needs replacement. 500 new from gm. I rebuild them for much less. I sent you a pm.

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