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End of my XLR?

Hi Sandy, gang,

It's a marvelous car which to this point, has done me no wrong. I bought it for amusement and it is most certainly amusing. Love the looks, love the handling and in this part of the world, there's more than enough poop than any reasonable person could ever want or use without going to a race track.

"Number 67" is 'cute' in a way as well: being one of the earliest ever built, poking around I've found hand-made bits and pieces that were absolutely there from the factory - bracketry mostly, installed as GM learned what worked and what didn't. (I've compared with later versions in pictures for those curious how I know).

Probably one of the most amusing things about it to me is that it is very rare here and is indeed often mistaken for something new. It's really fun to say just how 'not new' it is, and explain just what it is capable of in all regards. A tip of the hat to all its previous owners for tending to it so well.

While I do swing hammers and walk quite carefully around the headlights and other overpriced bits, I'm not going to lose sleep or refrain from using the car because of them - not for a second. If anything happens, then and only then would I ponder the next move. :)

Life is way too short, so do get out and enjoy 'em - that's what it's allllll about. :thumbsup
Except for a p-o-crap OEM CD unit our '05 was a flawless machine through 38K miles.

No other issues of any kind :twist:
I’ve been wanting an XLR since I first saw it at Auto Show in Dallas. Couldn’t afford at that time or price. But after reading about so many service related problems and parts shortages in the forum I’m very hesitant to get one. Driving a Lexus SC 430 right now and love it but would seriously like the XLR and would like to hear from some long time XLR’s. I’m not a mechanic and can’t do my own way. Advise please.
Thanks to all that do.
John, I stumbled onto to one about 7 years ago. I bought it because it was really sharpened there were not many around. I like different "stuff". If I had of known of all the potential problems and lack of parts I probably would have passed. I have zero mechanical ability but the Cadillac dealer in Palm Springs sold a lot of these cars and they have a great service dept. To my surprise I have had very little problems. It has been great so far. I have enjoyed the car so much I bought a second one for home. It's a "V". The Caddy dealers where I live really don't know this car so it's a bit of a crap shop. So far so good. They are great cars and I really enjoy driving them.
John F.
Thanks for your reply. Is there anyway for me to reach out to local XLR owners to see if we have qualified mechanics (dealer or otherwise) locally that are able to successfully diagnose and repair them? Sure would like to have one.
We have an ‘06 base with 45k miles and an ‘07 V with 22k mikes. Only major repair was fixing oil leaks in both, done because covered by warranty. Otherwise they weren’t so bad that we couldn’t have just ignored them.

Both cars are awesome and, knock on wood, haven’t given us problems. We were blissfully ignorant about any problems when we got the first one 10 years ago (the base), and probably wouldn’t have bought it had we read this forum. What a mistake that would have been! We would have missed so many great drives, forum trips, and meeting other owners to travel with.

No car is perfect and you can find horror stories on all of them if you look. Particularly if they’re technology laden and 10-15 years old. And there are parts issues for 6 year old SRX’s too ...
I’ve been wanting an XLR since I first saw it at Auto Show in Dallas. Couldn’t afford at that time or price. But after reading about so many service related problems and parts shortages in the forum I’m very hesitant to get one. Driving a Lexus SC 430 right now and love it but would seriously like the XLR and would like to hear from some long time XLR’s. I’m not a mechanic and can’t do my own way. Advise please.
Thanks to all that do.

Hi John.

Make your dream comes true, The XLR is some way one of a kind Cadillac no body ignore the style of it, with the top up or down.

In term of power it is a great car for its small V8 ( 0/60 in 4.9 seconds, not bad ), handling is fine ( commun, leaking S/A ) however the exhaust sound, is just superb.

The problem I had with this car is the Battery that it had to be replaced about every 2 years, the roof hydraulic piping leaks, the engine module, the S/A, the alternator, the sound system and the brakes changed, all that in 50,000K.

Thrusted Corvette repair shops and Cadillac dealers is the solution for this car
YES this car make you some time wondering the purchase ( 9 years ago ) of it, however owning it and driving it makes you forget all the problem$, is the XLR alone of having some defect problems, I dont think so, the Corvette has his own problems the Mercedes, the BMW and also the hi line Asian sports cars.

The reality, if you having a like for it, that is your chance presently, as their value are on a trend down cycle, and buying a low mileage XLR would be your dream comes true.

Good luck in your decision.

IAN :thumbsup
Hi John

Re your email, a quick look on your local city internet GOOGLE, make a search for the corvette repairs shops, Cadillac dealers and Chevrolet dealers.

You will please to see how many places that are available for the XLR repairs, the name of the game is to find one of your choice and its location near your residence.

Up on a call to your favorite ones ask for their know how in the repairing and experience in of the XLR.

The GM/Cadillac dealers usely gets their employees in the GM training programs and have the tools the parts, it is a professional way to be effective, however it is not always the case of some dealers.

Of course the labor rate is higher then a repair shop.

IAN :wave:
Is part of the reason the only car I have that sees a dealer is the Grand Cherokee and that is because it has a lifetime (2099 or 999,999 miles) Chrysler service plan (no longer available) but then am equipped to handle anything at home.

That said whenever I hear about a computer car having multiple issues, the first thing I look for is a bad ground (usually under the carpet though if you get the console on an SLK wet, it won't shift.) My CTS is very sensitive to battery condition but usually results in a high charging voltage (over 15v). Any more I buy only AGMs

Two things it is good to have for a Caddy thiis century are an Autel DiagLink with the GM module (under a benjamin on Amazon but does module by module testing) and a battery condition meter (BT-360 on ebay). Both essential for today's cars

All you need is a resident nerd but they tend to work in AC.

BTW am still looking for a first XLR (usually buy an inexpensive one first to find out what I really want but tend to keep cars waaay past the sell-by date.)

ps have an 88 Reatta with 10 "computer" modules and a touchscream in the dash. Built in scan tool & reprogrammed to run cool. Bought in '01 and would take anywhere, '01 SLK320 same-same. Like retractables.
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I have a base '05 with over 215,000 miles on it and I love the car. I also have a 2007 V and it is an amazing car. I could not see myself ever NOT owning an XLR. As others have said, these are older cars and like other older cars, they are not perfect. My cars have small idiosyncrasies that I just live with. These cars (and the Northstar Engines) are meant to be driven, not sit in garages. I traded in my 2000 DTS with 278,000 miles - LOVED that car, was emotional to let it go (got a 2018 XT5). My 2007 SRX4 just hit 200,000 last month - my son loves driving it - great for the snow. Northstar engines are picky, but can't beat the power and fuel economy. Nowadays, ANY car is a crapshoot - Rolls Royce's have problems. Can't wait for spring, to bring the XLR's home and DRIVE them! THANK YOU Sandy, for reminding us to also post our positive experiences with our XLR's. I think we need a GROUP Gathering - to post all the FUN things we do with our XLR's. :)
Only mech I trust is me. Helps that I have enough tools for a three bay shop including a lift and press. That said I always take my Autel Diaglink with me to check out a car, particularly if a long drive back.

XLR has moved to being either a sub 40k mile collector car or a 80-120k driver and prices are starting to reflect that.
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Hang in there Rexster!

I don't know what I'd do without your posts. I rarely ever post here but I always end up reading your posts. Especially your technical posts. They are detailed, well thought out and technically correct.

My 2005 XLR still runs fine without any issues. Knock on wood. There are still some parts available out there.

Metro Abbotsford-Chilliwack is a center of hot roads and classic cars. On a sunny day, you'll see a wide variety of amazing cars & trucks on the road. You can no longer buy OEM parts for most of them however lots of the running gear has been replaced with modern, available parts.

Mickeyt had lots of comments on the headlights. No doubt that if, say the moderator, solicited tentative orders from the members for headlights and then went to some of the replacement headlight manufacturers we'd have a better chance of seeing something happen. An order for 10,000 left and 10,000 right headlight assemblies should get some consideration. From a government regulation point, headlight assemblies should be once again standardized like they used to be.

Thanks rexster and mickey.
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Some of the regular members may remember me talking about putting my XLR in a Houston Cadillac dealer last year. I was given a loaner car. This was January 15, 2019.
A lot has transpired in the 13 months it's been in the shop.
Fix one problem, then find another problem that they generated. Couple of months would go by with no contact with the shop manager. Back in May, they dropped a bolt in between the fender that in order to retrieve it, had to drop/remove the power pack (engine and transmission) from the car. Then they said the EBCM was bad. Of course, we all know they are unobtanium. They, without my knowledge, tried several modules from the junkyard with no luck. I finally sent the module off for rebuilding. Shop said there was something wrong with it. I told them no, they just didn't know how to track down shorts in a system. Then they said it was a wheel speed sensor causing the problem. Still not fixed.
This week I got a call from a rep from the dealer. Bottom line is they're admitting they can't fix it, don't know what's wrong, and for me to come get it and give the loaner back.
I know I'm gonna get a bill, but most of the problems caused by the shop. So, I'm waiting.
Trying to determine what to do with the car, for the moment I'm getting AAA to pick the car up and bring it to a local shop who has worked on the car before, and I have trust in his work.
If that turns out bad, I'm gonna part out the car. Headlights and taillights are good, with the headlights having the burned DRL lens the only thing wrong with them. Top module, seats, everything will go.
Just another road bump in life.
Do you have the ride control module? Works? Have 04 here. Avability and price? Thanks Jim 865-386-1216 cell

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