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Help! Fuel Tank Crossover Tube


Sep 6, 2023
My XLR/V(s)
2005 Crimson Pearl
I'm facing a fuel pump replacement & I'm psyched out by the coupler between the "crossover tube" & the fuel reservoir. Has anyone completely removed the crossover pipe completely from the car? Is this possible without lowering the trans? Will the pipe & the internal tubes bend enough to slide the entire tube out?
You will need to remove the xhaust and drop the rear crossmember and trans down a bit. Im not sure you can get it out without both tanks being removed.
Thanks Mickey. I was afraid the trans would have to be lowered to get the tube out. Since I don't have the resources for such an involved operation I'll have to swallow my pride and find a shop to have the fuel pump replaced.The risk of damage to much of the fuel tank assembly makes a DIY effort a mistake. Bummer.
Its not really that hard. Just put two jack stands under the frame in front of the rear tires and a jack under the rear crossmember. Loosen four bolts and it will drop down an inch. Thats all you need. The exhaust comes off pretty easy but the bend over the rear axle needs the extra space to get the muffler twisted and removed.

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