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Grinding in front


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Apr 20, 2009
Kansas City, MO
This seems to happen only in the first 10 minutes of driving the car. When turning hard to the left, I'm getting a grinding noise out of the front right wheel area. It sounds alot like when my front wheel drive car had a bad CV joint.
I'm having a bad feeling it is a wheel bearing. Car just turned 30,000 so it seems hard to believe an 05 would lose a wheel bearing.

There are no marks on wheel wells that show a rubbing. Could it be something in hung up with the disc brake system?
I'm actually getting the same noise in the front right wheel well also. I recently did a front brake job on the XLR and I'm going to take a look at it tomorrow morning and see if anything is catching or seizing. I do know for a fact that my tires are a touch big and do rub when turning tight so I will see if that is the problem if not then I guess it's time for the GM dealer.
maybe a diagnosis

Well, it ain't the front. It's the differential. There was a service bulletin to change to a different rear end fluid so it's getting changed today.

God I'm praying hard to you that it'll fix it. I can't even imagine what a rear end (out of warranty) would cost me on this car.

Other squeek is a dry rear control arm bushing. They gave it a shot of WD and said give it a while and it should work into the area and stop that squeek.

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