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Heartbroken In North Carolina

Vince C

New Member
Jan 14, 2018
Matthews, NC
My XLR/V(s)
2009 XLR Platinum. - Radiant Silver
Two days before Christmas, sight unseen, I committed to buy a 2009 XLR Platinum by sending a $2,500 down payment to a Porsche dealer down in Florida. I had been looking for a clean, low mileage XLR for about a year, preferably a 2007 or 2008 because of affordability. Two weeks before I committed to buy, a new ad popped up for a silver 2009 XLR with only 10,400 miles on it. I called and talked to the salesman who described the car and told me that the original owner traded the car in on a new Porsche. The owner was a doctor and a friend of the salesman. After a half hour on the phone I made him an offer. He told me that he couldn't come anywhere near that figure. However, lo and behold, while visiting my daughter during Christmas week, he called and asked me if I was still interested in the car. His boss had said that they wanted to close out the year and move some of the pre-owned cars. I told him that if he met my original out-the-door offer we had a deal.

i flew down to Florida after the first of the year and drove the car home. Exactly like he described, it was in pristine condition. Absolutely beautiful. I only had it two weeks before a deer broadsided me on the run. He crashed into the front fender and his antlers got caught on the mirror which made him swing around cracking the door and the back fender. His face was right up against the passenger side window leaving snot and blood on the window. The mirror ripped part of his rack right off of his head. I pulled him off the road and he was dead. If he wasn't dead I would have shot him.

A Cadillac dealer essentially replaced the whole side of the car with used parts at a cost of $7,800.31. I was heartbroken but they did a great job on the repair and the paint matches perfectly. Hopefully, I can enjoy driving the car for a while now.


Seasoned Member
May 8, 2017
Central Illinois
That is a bummer for sure, I too have a 2009 platinum and love it. I happen to own a collision repair / restoration shop and can tell you that if the repair is done to a high standard it is just as good as factory and all reputable shops warranty their work. We have had people in the past get their car repaired only to sell / trade it in on the exact same car as soon as they got it back because they could not handle knowing it was wrecked. If you cannot find any issues / driveability concerns about your car then forget about the repair and enjoy your XLR!

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