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Hi I’m new to the XLR forum

Double D

Feb 6, 2020
Kirkland Wa
I’m just introducing myself. I ran across this forum because I sold my 1994 Corvette black on black to buy a very low mile 2005 XLR Ravin black she was perfect and very well kept by the Cadillac dealer. But her battery died after I let her sit over the winter. We recharged her heart but now having issues. The window had problems rolling up after you shut the driver door but that worked out. Then the CD player started making the loud shuffling noise. Then the biggest issue the door actuator quit working so I had to drive her home holding her arm closed (door) .. we bought the new actuator after cleaning the door pad and checking the 3 fusses Ivan suggested. Now how to get the dang thing out. We got the door trim off but the back panel behind the seats I have no idea. My husband is a diesel mechanic for Waste Management NW and knows his stuff but is freaking me out because he is ripping her apart like a garbage truck. He stopped at the panel and called his fine up come try tomorrow.. but that’s scary because he totally ruined our truck by taking the dash out. They both had ADHD and are not patient at all plus the interior of the XLR is white. Eeeeeek help. I told my husband about the special tool it took to take the panels out he laughed and said he knows what he’s doing. And making me feel like an idiot when making suggestions I’ve seen on this forum. Yup he’s an ass H-l-e but he bought the car . Anyway hi I’m Double D and just wanted to introduce myself.. hello 👋


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Sep 2, 2013
Monument Colorado
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2006 Gold Mist XLR & 79' Eldorado Convert
Welcome to The XLR Site

Interesting. Don't think I want to weigh in on any disagreement over your XLR repairs between you two. :bash:
Welcome to the site. Hope you get the repairs sorted properly.

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