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New Member 2005 XLR


New Member
Jun 24, 2019
Chagrin Falls Ohio
Hi Fellow XLR Enthusiasts!
We picked up an immaculate 2005 Crimson Pearl XLR with 22k miles from a local Chevy Dealership.
We're recent empty nesters and it was time for my wife to have a fun car instead of a mom-mobile.

We were casually shopping for a convertible and didn't even know the XLR existed. Our salesman went to get the keys to another car, saw this recently traded XLR in the service area, and drove it around to where we were looking. "Hey look at this!". We fell in love right away! It's a unique head-turner out on the road.

Everything works OK in its own quirky way. You have to meet this car on its terms I suppose.

I picked up the requisite Tech2 scanner with Candi interface and factory service manuals so I can work on her.

I'm pretty sure the Top position sensor needs replacing. The dealer recalibrated the top before delivery, but it's still a little flaky.

Where is the best place to find instructions on connecting the Tech2? I was surprised not to find a YouTube video.

I also have a new key fob that needs programming since we only received the #2 fob. I'm a little scared to follow the procedure in the owners manual to delete/re-add the fobs. At least I'll park her in a tow truck accessible place before attempting that.

Finally, I plan to build a new vertical center console interior compartment shell without a shelf (hopefully slightly bigger) so my wife can stow her purse in it. It shouldn't be too hard to attach the door to a custom fiberglass shell.

If anyone can point out any gotchas on the key fob programming and tech 2 connection I'd appreciate it!

Thanks for the wealth of information on our new car!

Scott in Chagrin Falls Ohio


Seasoned Member
Oct 8, 2012
st augustine fl
My XLR/V(s)
2006 infrared xlr
Congratulations and Welcome about the xlr highway

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