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Inside rear view mirror assembly removal

Steve Lee

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Oct 17, 2017
spring hill
My XLR/V(s)
Can someone please tell me how to remove that mirror? Ian was kind enough to send a diagram, but it shows that looking through the windshield; (3) arrows turning it to the right, (which would be c.clockwise from the cabin,) and (1) arrow on that diagram pointing clockwise looking through the windshield?? It can't be both ways!! I think he said that the diagram was for a Corvette, and Corvettes must be a little different

Also the plastic piece behind that mirror, that kind of has a "Y" shape, is not on properly. The driver side is not flat to the windshield at the top. Someone in the past apparently, had it off, and didn't get it on properly.The main wire, with the plug on it that plugs into the back of said mirror, is not in it's proper position and I want to put it all together properly. Can someone tell me how to remove that piece?? Thank you in advance for any kind reply(s)

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