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May 8, 2013
My XLR/V(s)
2007 XLR Infrared
Hello everyone.:wave: I'm relatively new to the forum (less the one year actually) but I must say I enjoy every moment driving my XLR and well, here's my story.

I purchased the XLR late April or early 2013. Initially, I was set on buying a black XLRV from a gentleman in Sacramental but he did not want to let it go. After my calls went unanswered using everything from text messages, emails, and constant phone calls I decided to get the next best thing, a XLR.

Therefore, I scoured the Internet and came upon a burgundy XLR in Modesto California at a Carmax dealership. Burgundy (infrared) wasn't my first choice so I was a little bit soured but I arrived anyway to view the car. The dealer offered to transport the car to Fresno California (free of charge) which I objected because Modesto is a smaller town thus my chances of getting the car increase versus Fresno with a larger population. The sales rep assured me that I have first dibs on the car and they would hold it for me for a week.

I asked my girlfriend to meet me there in Fresno and since she drives a Mercedes 500 SL which is a good reference point to judge the XLR. Since I was arriving from out of town she arrived there before I did and noticed that there was people gathered around the car trying to buy. I arrived with one of the four Corvette HRE wheels that I had purchased in 2007.

Initially, the hre WHEELS was meant to go on a Cadillac XLR or perhaps a Corvette if I ever decided to buy one once the prices came down a bit, but if not I'll put them on my modify Fiero. My girlfriend had first dibs on testing the car for she owns a 500SL. She quickly said that the XLR had a bit more power than her Normally aspirated SL.

I on the other hand thought that the XLR was okay, but not faster than my other three Northstar powered Fiero's, but still I was impressed since it's really apples and oranges. Last but not least I needed to see if the wheels would match-up with the color of the car. The sales rep was looking at me strangely as I rolled the wheel next the the car.

It was a perfect match! The color of the car was right and the wheels set the car off. I was sold. I next called my good friend at HRE and the rest (as they say) was history. My girlfriend did the honor of driving the car home and she feel in love with the car. Originally, the XLR had 24k and now nearing 38,000 miles.

My plans for the future is to change out the rear bumper for a 2009 and a wide body kit using my own design. I already own a set of C6 brakes from a good member here. Sorry it took so long to introduce myself.
Thanks. I also have a video of my first drive, but I need to retrieve it from my girlfriend. :D Come to think of it I also have pictures too. There s something else I forgot to add. The main reason for me getting the XLR was do due to a unknown stranger asking me, "You drive a Eclipse?" Albeit, I'm in my 50's and dressed in a suit; the young guy thought it was odd that a old dude was driving a young person's car. :laugh:Regardless, of me trying my best to justify it he wasn't buying it.:lol: Upset, I started looking for my dream car and some how I found one that I could actually test drive. It was perfect timing and everything lined up; the bank, the HRE wheels, the C6 brakes, and even the response from the public is great!

I stop to get gas and I'm there answering questions. I park the car in the driveway people start to stop and ask questions. Most think it's a new car.;) The craziest thing is I'm seeing more XLR's on the road than I've ever seen before- girlfriend too.:blinzel: Nice to know that there's a XLR forum with knowledgable people on board.
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Congrats. Looking forward to the pics and video. Infrared isn't a bad color

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good luck with your ride and mods. keep us posted. Al
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Great Intro & Congrats

Welcome aboard! Great cars and the best enthusiast site. Welcome :)
Thanks guys and gals. I've been eye balling the new Cadillac four door CTS and I sure do like those head lights and day light running lights. Yummy! The ELO headlights looks sweet too.:D

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