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Moer Little Johnny


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Oct 17, 2008
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More Little Johnny

The teacher is teaching the class to use their imagination when finding a solution to a problem, so she brings in paper bags with different objects in them.

She starts of with Sally and tells her to come up and pick a bag. The teacher tells Sally to reach in and feel the object without looking and tells her the object in the bag is round and it’s color is orange.

Sally reaches in and feels the object and then says, ‘The object in the bag is an orange’.

‘Very good’ says the teacher.

Next up is Max. The teacher tells him this object is also round and it’s color is red. Without reaching in Max declares, ‘There is an apple in the bag’.

The teacher says, ‘I’m sorry Max it is a red ball, but I like your thinking.

In the back of the class is Little Johnny with his hand raised. The teacher asks Little Johnny what he wants.

Little Johnny says, ‘I have one for you teacher. I have my hand in my pocket holding an object. It’s round and hard and has a head on it’. To which the teacher tells Johnny that is not appropriate, and to go to the principal’s office.

Johnny exclaims, ‘It’s a quarter, But I like your thinking.’
:laugh::laugh::laugh: I love little Johnny jokes.

I look forward to you and MTRocket to keep us laughing.



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