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Need drivers side front fender and rocker panel


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Sep 28, 2008
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Unfortunately, today my car took a hit on the parkway via a chunk of concrete that fell off of someone's truck. I could not avoid hitting it, because I was boxed in. I was in the far left lane and a car tailgating me and a car on the right side of me. the only thing I could do is move slightly to the right to avoid the concrete from hitting under the engine area of the car. It seems that the concrete sheared off the bottom mounting points of the fender and ripped through the underside of the rocker panel all the way to the rear wheel. Will have to get the car on a lift to see if there was any damage to the inner fender. Now I have to source a new/used fender and rocker cover, the fender should not be that big of a problem as there are quite a few out there ranging from about $600 - $800, the rocker cover may pose a problem. Will post more pics when she is on the lift.


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Apr 5, 2017
North Atlanta
Lots of fenders as you stated so get a really good one and get a good price as no one buys them. Unless its a repair like yours there is always a discontinued part that will cause the insurance to total it plus most shops will just buy a new one instead of used so they deal with old paint. The rocker is going to be very hard to find used as its very labor intense to remove and salvage yards are not going to spent the time to remove it without damage. I cannot see the damage in your photo but the rocker is an easy part to repair. Its not eady to replace. I think book time is like 10 hours thats 6-700$ body shop labor plus the parts going to be 4-500 if you can find one. I sent you a pm

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