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New 08 XLR for sale


Jul 8, 2009
columbia hts., MN
My XLR/V(s)
2008 Black XLR
Last June I bought a new 08 (never sold) XLR with 81 miles on it which
I found on the internet at Lamb Chev/Cadillac in Prescott,AZ. They had
two in stock. One was Raven black and the other Silver. I chose the black one and I had a great drive home to the Minneapolis area. To say it was
reasonably priced is an understatement.
A few days ago I had occasion to contact the sales manager I bought it from (Jerry Aronovitch) on the internet and he mentioned in a reply that they have not sold the Silver XLR. It is also new and has about the same low mileage. It has an Ebony interior. If anyone is interested Jerry's email is: jaronovitch@lambauto.com.
He was great to work with.

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