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Sep 17, 2023
Van alstyne tx
My XLR/V(s)
2008 XLR/V silver
Hi all - live in Van Alstyne Tx….. own a 2008 XLR-V silver …. Are there any get togethers in the Dallas area from time to time ? Cars and coffee things like that ?
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Hey-the forum is a little challenging to use… lots of old posts and gets confusing to find anything … get to Arlington seldom… except to go watch the rangers play…. Way to much traffic!

I just purchased mine a couple of weeks ago - always wanted one but opted for corvettes due to price…. I just put mine in the shop at Sherman cadillac - One of the few Cadillac shops That has a technician that used to work on them… more of a go thru engine and supercharger to make sure everything is running ok…
seldom see another xlr on the road… kind of like a blue moon.. they are out there in some ones garage… lol…. Let’s see if we can get a couple more xlr owners from the area and meet somewhere for coffee or lunch…

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