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Oct 16, 2008
Colorado Springs, CO
My XLR/V(s)
2006 Platinum/Ebony,2011DTS,Platinum Edition White Diamond.
Hello Everyone, I am a new member with an '06 XLR Silver with Black interior, small monogram on both doors and an upper V grill which I drive when the sun is shining. My other car (my hearse) is an '07 SRX, Black on Black. It comes out when the weather is bad or I need to haul something including more than one other person. Love my XLR as it sure gets lots of attention. Fantastic on long trips averaging overall exceeds 26 mpg. Have always loved convertibles, this is number six. This is a neat forum. Robert:patriot:
Robert, I like your new avatar! The grill looks great! Proves that there's life even after a deer! :lol:

New Grill

Hi Chad, am glad you are here. I tried to get a picture on the other place of the new grill but could not get it to upload. Low and behold, it popped right in on this forum. Thanks again, I love it and think it adds a lot to the looks. Sorry I didn't have time on the way to Illinois to give you a call, I passed thru Lincoln later than I thought I would and then came back on I70. Also thanks for the post on Ben, I just sent him an email to congratulate him. Hope he will bring his new wife to San Antonio so we can all meet her and I am glad you and Rogene are planning to be there. I think it should be desigenated RIV. Tell Rogene hi. First Robin, Robert:wave:

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