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New truck/cow purchase


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Oct 17, 2008
Billings, Montana
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There was a farmer, Perley Moore, who had recently bought a truck and found that the "basic price" was only the
beginning. Once the salesman had added on all the extras - towing package, toolbox, fifth-wheel attachment, etc. -- the
price was quite a bit higher. Well, by a strange turn of
fate, that same salesman stopped by Perley's farm one day to buy a cow. The dealer examined the herd, picked out a likely specimen, and asked about the price.
"That's a hundred-dollar cow," Moore replied directly.
"That's fair enough," said the salesman. "I'll take her."
"Well, now, that's the basic price," Moore added, getting
out pencil and paper. "There are one or two extras, of
course." He made a few notes and handed the paper to the
dealer. Here is the final invoice:

Basic cow: $100
Two-tone exterior: $45
Storage compartment and dispensing device: $60
Four spigots @ $10 each: $40
Genuine cowhide upholstery: $75
Dual horns @ $7.50 each: $15
Automatic fly-swatter: $35

Total: $370

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