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Six XLR's at dealers


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Oct 16, 2008
Mesquite, NV
My XLR/V(s)
2004 Lt. Platinum & 2006 Lt. Platinum XLR-V
Stopped by to see the best adviser I've ever had and found him looking for a new job. He did to much for the customers and was first to be let go.
Tustin Cadillac, CA has the following cars available as we speak.
1 new Artic white 09 @ $82,000
1 new unknown color 09 behind the fence
2 black 06-V's, 20,000 mileage @ $52,000
1 blue 06 XLR, low mileage in the low $40's
1 black 06 XLR, low mileage in the low $40's
Interested parties can call Tustin Cadillac and ask for:
Steve Ellis @ 714-734-2400
Just trying to help the economy:patriot:

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